FTSE Group

FTSE Group is a provider of stock market indices and associated data services. FTSE operates the well known FTSE 100 Index and FTSE 250 Index as well as over 60,000 other indices, including 600 real-time indices. Fees from the use of index information and associated services generate the revenues necessary to continue operations. FTSE has offices in London, New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, San Francisco, Beijing, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

The FTSE was created in 1962 as the FTSE All Share-Index. The letters F-T-S-E are no longer an abbreviation although they represent that FTSE is a joint venture between the Financial Times (F-T) and London Stock Exchange (S-E). In 1982 the FTSE 100 was introduced, representing about 80 percent of the London Stock Exchange's value. In 1995 FTSE Group was made an independent company.